AHA Equipment Guide

Zoom Data - 110 FOV

Tested WeaponSightSize (h)Zoom (x)
Nagant M1895 PrecisionLowered30.6
Nagant M1895 PrecisionHip51.0
Nagant M1895 PrecisionIron112.2
Nitro Express Rifle(Aperture)265.2
Nagant M1895 DeadeyeDeadeye265.2
Winfield M1873/Lebel 1886 ApertureAperture428.4
Lebel 1886 MarksmanMarksman428.4
Winfield M1876 Centennial SniperSniper5611.2
SpyglassSpyglass (Zoomed)46092.0

Zoom Data - 85 FOV

Tested WeaponSightSize (h)Zoom (x)
Nitro Express RifleLowered70.7
Nitro Express RifleHip101.0
Lebel 1886 ApertureIron141.4
Nitro Express Rifle(Aperture)363.6
Nagant M1895 DeadeyeDeadeye363.6
Lebel 1886 ApertureAperture616.1
Lebel 1886 MarksmanMarksman616.1
Winfield M1876 Centennial SniperSniper818.1
SpyglassSpyglass (Zoomed)65265.2


Stood in the lower-left corner of the map at Cyprus Huts aiming at a specific window in the compound.

Tried to center the window on the screen as well as possible to minimize FOV stretching.

Took a screenshot of the window on a 2560x1080 display with 110 and 85 FOV.

Drew a line from the top of the window to the bottom and measured its length in pixels (Size (h)).

This method is flawed because the largest zoom is still less than half of my display height.

Without a debug display or hack that shows exact position, it's hard to get more precise results.

I also assumed that every scope of the same type has the same zoom.