AHA Equipment Guide

Fanning Data

WeaponRPMCone (d)Ammo
Nagant M1895360787
Nagant M1895 Silencer360867
Caldwell Conversion Pistol360626
LeMat Mark II300789
Caldwell Pax300626
Caldwell Pax Claw300626
Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol2888617
Scottfield Model 3255606
Scottfield Model 3 Swift255606
Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire2551006
Scottfield Model 3 Brawler2551006
Caldwell Pax Trueshot236566
Caldwell Conversion Uppercut230786


Stood near the edge of the map looking into the sky, ensuring a consistent 60 FPS.

Hip-aimed with fanning, took a screenshot of the crosshair on a 2560x1080 display with 110 FOV.

Drew a circle or line over the crosshair in MSPaint and measured its diameter or length in pixels (Cone (d)).

Measured from the pixel after the "least solid" pixel of the white part of the crosshair.

Recorded myself holding left mouse button to empty the gun into the air.

Used timecodes to count the number of frames between each frame where the "bullet" started to leave the "chamber."

In cases of inconsistency, took the average of all frame counts.