AHA Equipment Guide

Fuse Data

ItemFuse (s)
Dynamite Bundle5
Big Dynamite Bundle5
Frag Bomb5
Waxed Dynamite5
Choke Bomb5
Decoy Fuses7
Sticky Bomb9
Chaos Bomb9


Stood near the edge of the map with resolution scale on 50%, ensuring a consistent 60 FPS.

Recorded myself clicking left mouse button and throwing the item directly downards with Nohboard on-screen.

Used timecodes to count the number of frames between Nohboard showing a left click and my health depleting.

Repeated each trial five times (n=5) and took some logical assumptions.

This data is not 100% accurate! However, due to inconsistent and insignificant differences, I'm calling it okay.

The Flash Bomb's old "fuse" is its throw time of one second, which explains why every fuse is one second longer than it should be.